Volunteer of the Year

As an organization our volunteers are very important to us. No one is paid in our society; we run strictly on volunteer-power. So we have tried to recognize those members who have had an impact on the organization through their volunteer efforts. The following is a PARTIAL list of members who were awarded Volunteer of the Year and the year of that occurence. Please let us know if there are omissions or corrections to this list. Contact someone on the Board if you think of someone who should be so honored and has not been previously.

Past Volunteers of the Year

Bonnie Garramone (1981-2?)

Florence Eighmy (1983)

Thelma Feese (1983)

Marilyn Douglas (1985)

Beth & Bob Crawford (1988)

Barbara Pilcher (1990)

Eugene Schmeckpeper (1994)

Rosalie Stephens (1995)

Connie Dawe (1996)

Birdie Holsclaw (1996)

Mary Ann Finley (1997)

Sue Hawk (1997)

Shirley Stith (1998)

Bobbi King (1999)

Bonnie Minor (2000)

Jan Soldan (2001)

Lynette Dick (2002)

Charlotte Weiler (2004)

Colorado Marriage Project (2005)

Lou-Jean Rehn (2006)

Karen Overholt (2007)

Nancy Ratay (2008)

Sandra Carter-Duff (2009)

Sherry Broderick (2010)

Ray Harrell (2011)

Gwen Mayer, Lynette Dick, Phil Wargo (2012)

Carol Darrow (2013)

Kim Rogers (2014)

Nancy Ratay (2015)

Carolyn Thomson and Karin Conway (2016)

Sandy Ronayne (2017)

Ray Henney (2018)

Denise and Gary Williams (2019)

Kim S. Smith (2020)

Sharon Mahler (2021)

Gary Ratay (2022)