Welcome to the Colorado Genealogical Society, the largest genealogical society in Colorado. We are proud have received recognition from the Governor of Colorado for our 100 years of service to the Colorado Community.

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Our 100th Anniversary Year!

Colorado Genealogical Society 100th Anniversary Celebration Luncheon

Video of the luncheon activities  is available in the Membership > Members Only page.

Meeting locally, researching globally

Be part of a community of others who share enthusiasm and passion for family history and genealogy. Membership benefits include:

  • Subscription to The Colorado Genealogist, published quarterly (both digital and print)
  • Newsletters issued in digital format
  • Access to all past issues of the quarterly
  • Access to Colorado indexes
  • Access to handouts and videos from the last month’s programs and classes

Our Objectives

  • Promote an interest in genealogy by encouraging, educating and instructing members and the public in the art and practice of genealogical research;
  • Maintain and evaluate genealogical standards by stressing the knowledgeable use of sources and the importance of complete and accurately recorded research;
  • Locate, preserve and index public and private genealogical records and to make such records or the information in them available to members and the general public;
  • Assist and support the genealogical community in Colorado, including researchers, fellow societies, libraries and archives;
  • Publish genealogical and historical information in a quarterly journal known as The Colorado Genealogist, in the CGS Newsletter and in other appropriate publications;
  • Create, when deemed appropriate and necessary by the membership, Special Interest Groups to further these objectives.

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