The 1950 Census Back Story

April 16, 2022 9:30 am - 12:00 pm
Speaker: Kathy Tarullo

The United States Census Bureau’s goal for the 1950 Census was to take as complete a census as possible. This required a lot of brainstorming, planning, networking, and ingenuity. Come discover the story behind the census!


Kathy Tarullo received her bachelor’s in Family History from Brigham Young University and is a ProGen graduate. She is a member of Foothills Genealogical Society, Colorado Genealogical Society, Genealogical Society of Utah, Association of Professional Genealogists Colorado Chapter, and manages the Arvada Family History Center. She taught beginning Genealogy Classes and a Beyond the Basics lecture series for the Arvada Community Center.

Besides searching out ancestors, she loves making cards, hiking, quilting, reading, taking piano lessons, doing Liberty puzzles, and going out to lunch. Her favorite activity though is spending time with her husband, six daughters and 14 grandchildren.