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David Allen Lambert

David Allen Lambert -
Thanks for a great seminar!


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CCGSFirst Families of Colorado Recognition Program

2017 Colorado Genealogical Society and
CGS-Computer Interest Group Joint Seminar

was held Saturday, 8 April 2017

David Allen Lambert

David Allen Lambert
New England Historic Genealogical Society

We had a great seminar with David Allen Lambert!
Gallery photos coming soon

Thank you to Jim Kroll, James Jeffrey and the Denver Public Library and for their assistance and for the use of the DPL conference room!
Seminar co-chairs, Kelly Glenn and Sandy Ronayne would like to thank the following volunteers for helping make our Friday and Saturday seminar a success:

Sharon Mahler, registrar and treasurer
Sandy Breed
Sue Clasen
Christine Cochran
Lori Collins
Lynette Dick
Vince Donnelly
Diane Felt
Chrisanne Freeborn
Rebecca Glenn
Ray Henney
Margaret Kadziel
Bobbi King

Bev Nelson
Elaine Osborn
Leon Pack
Sheila Pack
John Putnam
Nancy Ratay
Kim Rogers
Kim S. Smith
Karen Tobo
Jean West
Denise Williams
Gary Williams
Doug Wiskow

Seminar Attendees Notice!

All seminar attendees have access to David Allen Lambert's handouts through our Seminar Only portal. Registrants will receive an email advising you of the login user and password needed to access these. These are the handouts that were in the registration packet. David Allen Lambert has also sent us an updated list of the URLs that were missing from your packet. You can find it as a separate item.

If you would like to hear more from David, try out the podcast Extreme Genes hosted by Scott Fisher. David is a regular guest on this program which usually runs 40-50 minutes, of which David does 8-10 minutes. The podcast can be heard through their Extreme Genes website or you can subscribe at iTunes. It is free.