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Seminar Afternoon Gallery

CGS and CIG Joint Seminar with CeCe Moore
5 March 2016

Photos taken by Gary Ratay - ©2016 Gary Ratay, CGS, CIG
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We wish to thank all of our wonderful volunteers! The caption for the volunteer photo (with CeCe Moore) would not allow listing all the people. Here are the people in the photo:
Going across left to right by heads (no front or back row): Sandy Ronayne, Lynette Dick, Sylvia Tracy-Doolos, John Simmons, Ray Henney, Greg Liverman above Denise Williams, Tina Francis, Gary Williams, Marilyn Elrod, Janice Prater, CeCe Moore, Carol Warner, Kelly Glenn, Denise Quintana, Rebecca Glenn, Elaine Osborn, Leon Pack, Sharon Mahler, Sheila Pack, Nancy Ratay, Margaret Kadziel, Karen Tobo
Not in the photo: Sandy Breed, Lori Collins, Roger Francis, Roger Dudley and Gary Ratay, the photographer.

There are more photos on two other pages: Seminar am and Door Prizes
You can contribute photos from our meetings. Send to the webmaster, Nancy Ratay.