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The Colorado Genealogist

The Colorado Genealogical Society publishes this quarterly journal for our members as a benefit of membership. All issues of The Colorado Genealogist are now digitized. They are available to members in the Members Only section, including this current issue which is in color.

May 2017

The Colorado Genealogist
May 2017, Volume 78, Number 2
President's Letter by Kelly Glenn 30
Editor's Note by Nancy Ratay 31
Whatever Happened to John? by Lori Fogarty 32
Pioneers of Esperanto in Colorado by Bill Chapman 37
Bible Records in the DPL Manuscript Collection by Carolyn Thomson and Karin Conway 39
Pioneer Obituary Index by Pat Allen 49
Book Review by Melinda Tarbox 54
Officers and Directors 55
Membership Form 56


Our Indexes

Subject Index, Volumes 1-77

Surname Index, Vol. 1 - 20 (1939-1959)
Surname Index, Vol. 21-40 (1960-1979)
Surname Index, Vol. 41-50 (1980-1989)
Surname Index, Vol. 51-60 (1990-1999)
Surname Index, Vol. 61-77 (2000-2016)

Searching hints available at the front of each pdf set. You will need a pdf reader to view and/or download.

If you find a name on the surname list in which you are interested, please contact the editor for information on how to obtain the article in which the name appears.

Submission Guidelines available here or as a pdf.

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